Some wise words from the late great Jim Chapin…

April 11, 2011

I love what Jim Chapin says here, such great advice. This applies to many great drummers including Ringo. He was never a great technician but could play the music extremely well. Here is a transcribed piece of what he says:

“There are so many different parts to drumming that you could spend your whole life just working on technique. But that’s not the way to really do it. Some of the best drummers can never do this type of thing.

No sense in becoming a technical giant if you’re not also a musical giant…

Some of the best players really can’t play the drums well…but they play music superlatively well….

Think in terms of how do you relate to other musicians. How does it feel to them when you play? Do you make them happy? Do they make you happy? Is it a happy relationship?”


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