Drumming and Sports are Closely Related…

March 25, 2011

If you think about it drumming and sports are very closely related. Take basketball for example. The motion that a basketball player uses to dribble the ball is almost identical to the motion you use to hit a drum. That is, if you’re using good form.

Another sport is baseball. When a batter is on deck taking warm-up swings they typically add weights to the bat or hold two bats. And then switch to their regular bat when they get up to the plate. Why do they do this? Because it makes the regular bat feel lighter after warming up with the extra weight added. The same thing when practicing stick technique on a practice pad, you use a heavier stick and then switch to your regular size stick when you play. Your sticks will feel lighter and therefore give you a little extra speed and smoothness to your stroke.

What do you think?


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