Playing The Drums with Musicality & Control

March 17, 2011

If you think about it, the way you hold your drumsticks and the form you use to hit a drum actually determines your ability to make music as opposed to just blindly banging away on the drums.

Any knucklehead can grab a stick and bang on a drum; six-year-olds are especially good at it. But to play drums with any sort of musicality is a completely different game.

Controlling the stick and its bounce are paramount to playing with good feel and groove. You need to understand the elements of an effective grip, as well as forearm and wrist motion, and the use of the fingers in the over-all stroke.

There are no short cuts to becoming a great drummer…

As a drum instructor one of my biggest challenges is getting students to understand that you can’t skip the fundamentals and just instantly play a million miles an hour. It just doesn’t work that way. There is no magic button you hit to suddenly play great.

To become a really good drummer you have to enjoy the whole process of studying the drums. Going into it you must understand the work required to develop your skills. You have to enjoy the practice. Playing the drums requires a lot patience and perseverance.

Even I will agree that practicing drums can sometimes be monotonous and tedious. Not to mention a bit lonely. I much prefer making music with other musicians. But I’m also smart enough to know that practice makes me that much better and gives me much more confidence when it comes time to hit the stage.

If you want to be an outstanding drummer you must appreciate that practice just comes with the territory. You have to really LOVE it or I promise you just won’t be willing to do what’s necessary. You’ll either drop it altogether or just become another mediocre drummer. And believe me, the world doesn’t need another mediocre drummer.

It is the drum student who is truly passionate about drumming that will go on to become an outstanding drummer. The good news for those passionate drum students is that because there are so many people not willing to put the time in, you’ll stand apart from the crowd.

In closing. It all boils down to a choice. You can choose to be a second-rate drummer, or you can choose to stand out from the crowd. I’ll teach you the necessary skills if you’re willing. It’s your call.

I would love to hear your feedback!


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